Be Active

You are a mother.

You are an activist.


You are not an activist in spite of being a mother, but because of it. You realize that you do not have the luxury of being uninformed, uninvolved, apathetic, or passive. You are an active participant in social change because your children need a better world. Because you need to show them the value of fighting for it. And because, though your family is your ultimate priority and passion, you are driven by the need to push for human rights, to be a voice for equality, and to demonstrate and teach active compassion.

Applying Activism

Book Club

Want to start cultivating a culture of awareness and activism in your personal networks? Start a Momactivists book club! This section will soon have a downloadable list of beautiful, motivating, and powerful books to read in your Momactivist book clubs.

Connect with the issues that move you

There are SO many ways to be involved in some form of activism as a mother with children! Here are a few that we have been involved in: 1. After educating them about a cause, simply ask them what their ideas are. Children often come up with fantastical and grandiose ideas (and there is beauty in that innocence), but they can also have creative ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s a fun exercise to try. In addition, when children provide the ideas, they are far more invested in them and are much more likely to follow through and stay interested. 2. You can include them by being an example and talking to them – frequently – about the issues. For example, we often spend time along the shore and pick up trash after playing in the sand. (It helps when we remember to bring a bag for the trash!) 3. You can take children to peace rallies. 4. You can take children to equality celebrations. 5. You can walk out in protest of events or meetings or anything that is discriminatory (always careful to explain ‘why’ to your children). 6. You can watch movies that educate and support issues you care about. In our family, we call this “Pop-n-Doc” which is short for “Popcorn and a Documentary”. We make it fun! 7. You can read books that do the same (check back soon for a list we recommend). 8. You can sign up with one of many organizations that allow your children to be pen pals with a children in other countries. 9. You can involve them by giving them responsibilities at home about recycling, switching off unused devices, conserving water and more. 10. What are you ideas? We’d love to add to this list!