Audi Super Bowl Commercial Causes Mind-Boggling Controversy

Posted By Holly Olsen / February 3, 2017 / 0 Comments

I just watched the new Audi Super Bowl commercial.

It has a powerful message of hope for young girls everywhere: that equal pay is something they might have and see in the future. The message about equality was heartfelt and inspiring to me as I raise daughters with the hope that the message might someday be a reality. Let’s be honest, the wage gap between men and women doesn’t make sense. I feel like everyone agrees with that… or rather, I FELT like everyone agreed, until I saw the “likes” and “dislikes” on Youtube. I was – and still am – dumbfounded. When I last checked, there were well over 3 million views with over TWO thousand likes and over TWENTY-SEVEN thousand dislikes. How is it possible that so many people took offense to such a simple message about gender equality? What is happening? What country am I living in? And the comments? People are morphing the message into craziness. Here is a small sampling of said crazy:

  • The wage gap does not exist. there is no company that pays a woman less then a man for the same job
  • I knew there was a reason why I’ve always instinctually hated Audi owners
  • I would never purchase an Audi just because of this commercial. Just another low life Social Justice Warrior, Feminist, man hating, politically driven, gob of propaganda.
  • 100% unadulterated liberal propaganda
  • This is all the work of ugly unattractive feminists who cant get a member of the opposite sex so they feel the need to bring down other women instead of improving themselves. It has been a cancer to our society and create a generation of women who forgot how to be mothers and caring partners.
  • the best part is that the refugees are disgusted by western women and the rights we allow them. If the women had their way they would already be wearing full burkas and submitting to sharia law. perhaps just starting to regret their rapefugees welcome shirade

I’ll stop there. But really, … WHAT??? I don’t understand it. But I’ll tell you that it makes me so sad that so many people are so hateful. It makes me sad that so many people really don’t understand the gender inequality that women face daily in our society. And most of all, it breaks my heart that children are being raised to believe that girls and women are of less value than boys and men. That is sickening to me.


Holly Olsen is a mother of four daughters. She has a long history of activism, creating ripples that have been recognized by the United Nations humanitarian endeavors and Global Citizen. She is a published author, a co-founder of two non-profit organizations, a professor, and is known for her ability to create positive social change. In her blog, you will read about her adventures with and attempts to further the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals).

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