About MomActivists

This is a place for Momactivists to come to network, find support, and get ideas on how to be a catalyst for good. It is our platform for individual contribution, centralized power, and collective strength. Our mission is to EMPOWER moms who have a passion to actively change the world, to ENCOURAGE moms who are, and to EDUCATE the world on just how powerful Momactivists can be.


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About MomActivists

We are just a couple of moms with a passion for social justice. We met in 2014 and then had the opportunity to attend an annual conference called Moms + Social Good that is put on by the United Nations in New York City, which was inspiring. Not long after that, we decided to officially join forces and create what is now called MomActivists. Our vision and goal is to empower mothers, and create awareness and support for any moms out there who want to make a difference for good in the world. Of course, we use the terms “mothers” and “moms” loosely. All women mother in one way or another, regardless of whether or not they have children of their own. Welcome!